Transform your food with edible ink

Digital inkjet printing opens a realm of possibilities for customizing food. From printing images on cakes and confectionary, to creating a chargrill effect on baked goods or meat products, there are thousands of food products being printed using this technology all over the world.

Developed with the highest quality food dyes, our digital edible ink delivers an exceptional visual impact with the maximum safety, for the ultimate peace of mind.

Safe and compliant

With our experience in the food industry, we have the regulatory insight and market understanding to be able to advise our customers on solutions that will add value to their processes, without compromising compliance or safety.

Customized experience

Our digital inks enable food manufacturers to deliver on-demand customization to rapidly introduce new designs and get products from concept to store-shelf fast for the ultimate competitive advantage.

Interested in our digital inkjet technology?
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Cookies, cakes, wafers
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Candies, gum
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SensiJet® FSE

Created to offer outstanding color and sharpness, while also complying with the highest levels of quality and safety regulations, SensiJet® FSE is a series of edible, water-based digital inks, designed […]

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