About Us

Experts in color

Sensient Imaging Technologies is a trusted partner for innovative digital inkjet technology. Our understanding of the chemistry of color drives quality, safety and compliance standards in your market.

We were the first to bring the power of digital inkjet technology to market, and we continue to set the standard for digital inkjet printing. With a firm focus on the future, we drive innovation in digital ink – backed by our in-depth market knowledge and brought to life through proven R&D.

Through our digital inkjet portfolio, our customers reach new heights of product quality, visual appeal, functionality and safety, while also meeting their sustainability targets. As the partner of choice for high-performance digital inks, customers can rely on Sensient Inkjet to add value to their businesses and deliver color they can trust.

What we do

Sensient Imaging Technologies offers a wide range of digital inkjet solutions to allow customers to push their products into the future and achieve market-leading results. From UV-curable ink to water-based sublimation ink, our solutions not only achieve the very best quality of color and sharpness but are also environmentally responsible and ethically sourced.

Our vision

We go beyond the remit of an ink manufacturer to work in partnership with our customers to add value to their business beyond just color. We’re committed to driving quality and safety standards in the chemistry of digital inkjet innovation and our passion for our people and planet means we’re focused on solutions that have a positive impact on the world around us for a more sustainable future.

Sensient Imaging Technologies is part of Sensient Technologies Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of colors, flavors and fragrances, and employs advanced technologies to develop speciality food and beverage and cosmetic and pharmaceutical systems, inks and colors, and other specialty chemicals.

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