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Digital printing allows low cost, short runs of high quality fabrics to be produced locally to the customer, enabling brands and retailers to offer high end and elaborate fashion designs to both boutique and high street consumers alike. Sensient’s highly innovative and production-reliable inkjet inks can be used for printing any accessory from grade one silk to natural or synthetic leather, offering vibrant and detailed designs with outstanding quality.

Benefits of digital

  • Ability to create colored and detailed designs
  • Highly responsive processing
  • On-demand printing allows flexibility in production
  • Low production cost of short run exclusive designs
  • Reduced pre- and post-processing requirements


Recommended products

Xennia® Agate

Formulated using carefully tailored dye chemistry for excellent color vibrancy and density across an extended range, Xennia Agate ensures your designs stand out on silk, wool and polyamide fabrics.
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ElvaJet® Swift

The peak performer in industrial digital printing, ElvaJet® Swift enables you to print longer hours with superlative quality, so optimizing your resourcing. Suited to Epson DX printheads and polyesters, cotton or viscose substrates, ElvaJet® Swift means you can print exactly in line with market needs.
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Xennia® Emerald

Xennia Emerald represents a new dimension in digital pigment printing. This range is designed to raise the bar in color and print performance on cotton, cotton/polyester blends and other textile fibers. Emerald inks have been optimized for increased open time and latency.
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