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Edible Inks

The baking and confectionary markets strive for product quality and differentiation. From cookies to chips to finished cakes, there is a growing demand from consumers for personalized products. In addition, brands are looking to offer greater product diversity and “special” products by applying unique designs or branding onto the edible goods themselves not only in the packaging. Prior to the development of compliant digital inks, the only way to personalize such product was by hand meaning high levels of additional cost.

Sensient offers a range of innovative digital edible inks able to deliver the color performance and detail expected from high end baked goods and confectionary. Backed up by Sensient’s globally renowned food colors group, Sensient edible inks based on synthetic and natural colorants offer true innovative solutions for this market.

Benefits of digital


  • Short set-up times and low set-up costs make short runs economical
  • Print-on-demand
  • A wider range of designs can be made economically
  • Possibility of variable data and imaging


Recommended products

SensiJet® FSE

347Edible Inks
Developed with the highest quality food dyes, SensiJet FSE is the ideal platform for decorating baked goods and confectionery. It transforms visual impact for a truly differentiated offer. What’s more, with our deep understanding of regulations worldwide, the FSE range will ensure product compliance, wherever you are.
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