Other Industrial Applications

Etch Resist

Digital printing of an etch resist solution can revolutionize the production of components where an acid etch process is used. The highly accurate placement of the etch resist allows complex patterns and high precision and small detail areas to be worked on, transforming expensive and highly wasteful processes in applications such as lamination press plates, fabrication of LCDs and the growing EMI and RFI shielding market. Solutions may also be possible for dielectric insulation, offering huge benefits in many applications.

Sensient’s pioneering etch resist ink, Xennia Pyrite, is a UV curable solution offering outstanding performance in acid etch processes and allowing highly detailed patterned areas to remain while non-printed areas are removed through the etching process.

Benefits of digital

  • Flexible technology platforms
  • Specialty solutions to match application requirements
  • Highly accurate patterning

Recommended products

SensiJet® Pyrite

339Etch Resist
Designed for printing decorative patterns onto stainless steel plates and rollers, SensiJet Pyrite is a highly innovative functional ink that allows the application of etch resist pattern. Pyrite can also be used as an etch resist in electronics and other applications as it offers excellent adhesion as well as superlative resistance to typical steel etches.
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