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When it comes to decorated flooring, traditional printing techniques can often be uneconomical and inflexible. On the other hand, inkjet printing and Sensient inks can achieve high-quality, vibrant and durable solutions – ideal for creating innovative and engaging flooring designs that set the perfect first impression when entering a room.

Benefits of digital

  • Efficient pre-press process allows new designs to be introduced quickly
  • Short set-up times and low set-up costs make short runs economical
  • Print-on-demand can reduce stock levels significantly
  • A wider range of designs can be made available economically
  • Design flexibility in introducing a wider color palette without additional complexity

Recommended products

SensiJet® HPL

Designed to work with existing lamination technologies, SensiJet HPL is a revolutionary ink technology. Enabling accurate and color-strong designs on HPL papers, its application performance is guaranteed.
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Xennia® Agate

Formulated using carefully tailored dye chemistry for excellent color vibrancy and density across an extended range, Xennia Agate ensures your designs stand out on silk, wool and polyamide fabrics.
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ElvaJet® Opal

ElvaJet Opal is a series of digital sublimation inks that can revolutionize your transfer printing. In applications from sportswear and flag & banner to fashion, users can obtain the best productivity and performance from their ink. Delivering the best in color strength combined with outstanding stability, latency and printing performance, ElvaJet Opal is a truly industrial solution.
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