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Digital printing technology is giving manufacturers the opportunity to create elaborate and limited volume fabrics without excessive cost implications. Sensient’s reactive dye, pigment and sublimation inks allow fine quality, high color stability and vivid designs to be created on a range of fabrics, from bedlinens and curtain fabrics to towels and lampshades.

Benefits of digital

  • Creative freedom in design and color
  • Enables cost-efficient low volume printing
  • Maintenance of high fastness performance
  • Reduces pre- and post-processing requirements
  • Personalized printing in high detail with outstanding color

Recommended products

Xennia® Emerald

344Home textiles
Xennia Emerald represents a new dimension in digital pigment printing. This range is designed to raise the bar in color and print performance on cotton, cotton/polyester blends and other textile fibers. Emerald inks have been optimized for increased open time and latency.
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ElvaJet® Opal

240Home textiles
ElvaJet Opal is a series of digital sublimation inks that can revolutionize your transfer printing. In applications from sportswear and flag & banner to fashion, users can obtain the best productivity and performance from their ink. Delivering the best in color strength combined with outstanding stability, latency and printing performance, ElvaJet Opal is a truly industrial solution.
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Xennia® Amethyst

338Home textiles
Turn your creativity into a production reality with bold colors and sharp detail. The world leading Xennia Amethyst are world-leading reactive dye inks for high end home and fashion textiles. They allow an extraordinary color palette to transform your designs whilst maintaining maximum printer performance and printhead lifetime.
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