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Sport goods & accessories

From boards, blades and skis to caps and bags, there is a huge potential to graphically and functionally add value in a controlled and cost-effective way to high quality sport accessories. The technical performance and flexibility of inkjet printing allows personalized graphics to be added, with unlimited color and design possibilities. Sensient offers a range of inks for every textile, as well as other widely used components in sport materials such as veneers for snowboards and skis, synthetic and natural leathers, plastic and rubber. In each case, Sensient is aware of the strict performance requirements, and works with users to get the maximum benefit of digital printing.

Benefits of digital

  • Ability to create highly colored and detailed designs
  • Inks to allow printing of multiple materials
  • On-demand printing to allow flexibility in production
  • Simple print workflow

Recommended products

ElvaJet® Opal

240Sport goods & accessories
ElvaJet Opal is a series of digital sublimation inks that can revolutionize your transfer printing. In applications from sportswear and flag & banner to fashion, users can obtain the best productivity and performance from their ink. Delivering the best in color strength combined with outstanding stability, latency and printing performance, ElvaJet Opal is a truly industrial solution.
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ElvaJet® Swift

251Sport goods & accessories
The peak performer in industrial digital printing, ElvaJet® Swift enables you to print longer hours with superlative quality, so optimizing your resourcing. Suited to Epson DX printheads and polyesters, cotton or viscose substrates, ElvaJet® Swift means you can print exactly in line with market needs.
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ElvaJet® Punch

256Sport goods & accessories
For the ultimate color performance, choose ElvaJet® Punch sublimation inks. Suitable for sublimation or direct printing, these inks offer superior results on printers equipped with the latest generation of Epson® printheads, including the Thin Film Piezo (TFP) printhead.
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