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T-shirt and finished garment decoration

An established and growing sector within the printed textiles market, digital printing direct to garment (DTG) allows any design to be printed directly onto a finished garment, as a one off or in multiples, for the same cost. Sensient’s TSE600 pigmented inks, specifically designed for DTG printers, offer producers more security in this fast-moving market with reliable high-quality printing, vibrant colors and optimized fastness.

Benefits of digital

  • Ability to create highly colored and detailed designs
  • Inks for printing colored shirts with white under base
  • On-demand printing to allow flexibility in production
  • Simple web-to-print workflow


Recommended products

Xennia® Emerald

344T-shirt and finished garment decoration
Xennia Emerald represents a new dimension in digital pigment printing. This range is designed to raise the bar in color and print performance on cotton, cotton/polyester blends and other textile fibers. Emerald inks have been optimized for increased open time and latency.
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