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Wall covering

Digital printing provides flexible, economic and high-quality results for the wall coverings industry.

While short run printing can be uneconomical and inflexible, inkjet printing enables the creation of highly colored and detailed designs at competitive costs, opening the market to murals and personalized designs at industrial scale prices.

Here at Sensient, we offer innovative digital inks with tailored chemistry to deliver the color performance and durability expected from high quality wall coverings.

Benefits of digital

  • Unlimited color and shading capability gives new product possibilities
  • Efficient make-ready process allows new designs to be introduced rapidly
  • Short set-up times and low set-up costs make short runs economical
  • Print-on-demand can reduce stock levels significantly

Recommended products

SensiJet® SX

343Wall covering
Sensijet SX is an advanced water based pigment ink designed for printing non-porous substrates such as polymers and non-wovens. It gives excellent color performance and durability.
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