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Elvajet Alpha- the sustainable inkjet printing solution for polyester fabric

Alpha is a ground-breaking, patented chemistry platform allowing textile decorators to reduce the need for water within a printing environment. Highly innovative inks combined with a new approach to textile processing allow users to reduce highly expensive and closely legislated procedures and replace them with a clean, green and ultra-efficient method of printing.

Key Properties

  • Highly sustainable and efficient direct printing of polyester
  • Water consumption reduced to as little as 1 l of water per linear meter instead of the usual 50-100 l
  • Energy savings up to 50%, CO2 emissions reduced up to 90%

ElvaJet® Opal, water based digital sublimation ink for transfer printing

A revolution in sublimation transfer printing, ElvaJet Opal offers the ultimate performance in color, transfer and printing. Designed for maximum release from all paper types and weights, Opal allows significant cost savings withiout compromising on quality. Offering the strongest Sensient Signature Black, Opal inks can change the way you think about transfer printing.

Key Properties

  • Maximized latency for ultimate production printing
  • Intense colors to increase visual impact
  • Optimal ink release from suitable transfer papers

ElvaJet® Punch, water based sublimation inks for transfer printing

For the ultimate color performance, the ElvaJet® Punch range of sublimation inks has been developed to offer superior results on printers equipped with the latest generation of Epson® printheads, including the Thin Film Piezo (TFP) printhead. Punch can be used for sublimation or direct printing.

Key Properties

  • Maximized color loading for ultimate gamut
  • Outstanding performance across all Epson printhead technologies
  • Optimal ink release from suitable transfer papers

ElvaJet® Swift, digital sublimation ink for transfer printing

The peak performer for all your needs in industrial digital printing, the out-standing printability of ElvaJet® Swift on all printers equipped with Epson DX printheads is the key contributor to printing longer hours at the highest quality and so to optimize the resources. Whether on polyesters, cotton, or viscose, printing can be exactly tailored to market needs.

Key Properties

  • Easy installation and start-up
  • High transfer efficiency
  • Outstanding performance on coated and uncoated papers

SensiJet® FSE, edible Inks for inkjet with FD&C synthetic dyes

SensiJet® FSE is a series of inks designed for applications where decoration of edible goods is required.

Key Properties

  • Regulatory excellence – Sensient’s world leading expertise in food colors
  • Color purity to allow any design to be applied
  • Outstanding performance across a range of bas substrates

SensiJet® Garnet a black coding & marking ink with fast UV cure

Where cost, time and space are at a premium, SensiJet Garnet has been formulated to use fast UV flashbulb cure, allowing rapid printing. SensiJet Garnet offers excellent adhesion and durability when printed on non-porous substrates, the printed ink is highly chemically resistant, allowing use in advanced processes.

Key Properties

  • UV flash curable ink for marking applications
  • High print reliability with instant cure
  • Outstanding solvent resistance

ElvaJet HPL Series, digital inks for lamination papers

Designed to work with existing lamination technologies, SensiJet HPL is a revolutionary ink technology allowing the decoration of HPL papers with highly accurate and color strong designs whilst meeting all of the industry requirements for application performance.

Key Properties

  • Optimized performance with inkjet lamination papers
  • Carefully selected pigments for maximized application performance and reduced metamerism
  • Fully compatible with lamination processes

SensiJet Pyrite a UV curable ink for acid etch resist applications

Designed for printing decorative patterns onto stainless steel plates and rollers, SensiJet Pyrite is a highly innovative functional ink allowing an etch resist pattern to be applied to stainless steel. Pyrite can also be used as an etch resist in electronics and other applications and offers excellent adhesion as well as showing excellent resistance to typical steel etches.

Key Properties

  • Etch resist ink for stainless steel
  • High resistance to acid etching process leaving a clean and detailed impression
  • Removable after production

SensiJet SX water based sustainable digital ink for printing non-porous and semi-porous substrates

SensiJet SX is an advanced water based pigment ink designed for printing non-porous substrates such as polymers and non-wovens. It gives excellent color performance and durability.

Key Properties

  • Aqueous ink for non-porous substrates
  • Enhanced adhesion for application specific requirements
  • Minimized gloss differential

Xennia Agate

Formulated using carefully tailored dye chemistry to give excellent color vibrancy, extended gamut and consistent color density, Xennia Agate has been tuned for printing silk, wool and polyamide fabrics with maximum application performance to ensure your designs stand out in every way.

Key Properties

  • Outstanding print detail and uniformity producing prints that exude high quality
  • Unrivalled color vibrancy with reduced ink consumption
  • Excellent print durability

Xennia® Amethyst, the standard for reactive dye digital printing

In high end home and fashion textiles turn your creativity into a production reality with bold colors and sharp detail. The world leading Xennia Amethyst reactive dye inks allow an extraordinary color palette to transform your designs whilst maintaining maximum printer performance and printhead lifetime.

Key Properties

  • Image brilliance – highly detailed vivid colors
  • Sustainability – Reduced consumption of ink, water and energy
  • Production ease – inks designed for industrial environments

Xennia Emerald, water based pigment ink for direct digital printing

Changing the game for digital pigment printing, Xennia Emerald is a true solution to meet the market needs. Containing binder and offering a new level of color vibrancy and print reliability, Emerald inks offer the ultimate in ease of use with outstanding results.

Key Properties

  • Dry process, no steaming or washing
  • Optimized gamut with 8 colors
  • Increased open time and latency
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