SensiJet® FSE

Edible Inkjet Inks with FD&C Synthetic Dyes

SensiJet FSE is a series of inks designed for decorating edible goods. Manufactured to comply with US Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Parts 73 to 82, FSE inks are of the highest quality.

Sensient is a global leader in natural and synthetic food grade colorants. Sensient materials add color to many foodstuffs to enhance the consumer experience. With SensiJet FSE inks, we have been able to combine our vast experience and expertise in food colorants with our equally regarded capability in inkjet ink formulation to enable a truly unique proposition.


SensiJet FSE inks are an edible, water-based inkjet ink set designed for confectionery and baked good substrates to generate images with excellent image quality.

Each printhead, system and application should be tested and verified to ensure maximum performance and compliance.

How to use

Printing & application

FSE inks have been tested on the most frequently used printers, but Sensient will support users in checking the inks’ suitability for individual machines and models.

Kosher status

This product is Kosher certified.

FDA status

This ink is manufactured to comply with US Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Parts 73 to 82.

Available for the following printheads

Recommended applications

Edible Inks

336SensiJet® FSE
Digitally printing water based edible inks opens the possibility to personalize confectionary, snacks and baked goods. Carefully formulated inks can transform the presentation of any decorated product. Sensient is a global leader in food colors and this, combined with our extensive inkjet expertise and excellent regulatory knowledge, means our edible inks offer high value and brand confidence.
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