SensiJet® Garnet

SensiJet Garnet is a black UV curable ink designed for rapid drying and maximum durability. Fixed with a flash bulb technology, it offers the benefits of UV cure inks while enabling rapid printing where cost, time and space are at a premium. This flexible solution is also suitable for conventional UV curing systems. The flash cure process gives a minimal UV lamp footprint, optimal dot gain for high precision features such as barcodes and allows immediate handling after printing.

Suitable for printing composites, plastics and other challenging, non-porous materials, SensiJet Garnet offers excellent adhesion and durability, making it suitable for coding and marking in the harshest of environments. The printed ink is highly chemically resistant, allowing use in advanced processes.


SensiJet Garnet is a black coding and marking ink for non-porous substrates with fast UV cure offering excellent adhesion and chemical resistance.

It has been tested with a number of industrial printheads to maximize flexibility during production printing.

Each printhead, system and application should be tested and verified to ensure optimal performance.

How to use


SensiJet Garnet is printed directly onto the selected substrate via a print fixture or system equipped with a specified industrial printhead and inline fixation.


After printing, Sensijet Garnet should be fixed in line by flash bulb or conventional UV light exposure. This should be done within seconds to avoid color bleed.

Available for the following printheads

Recommended applications

Mailing & Coding

335SensiJet® Garnet
In all applications, from simple address printing for mailshots to highly specialized marking of high value materials, there is a clear requirement for quality and productivity. In these production environments where cost, time and space are at a premium, Sensient’s range of specialty inks ensures maximum performance.
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