SensiJet® HPL

High Performance inks for lamination papers

ElvaJet HPL is a series of inks designed for decorated lamination paper applications, such as laminate flooring, furnishings and wall cladding. Its specific chemistry ensures the print can withstand the melamine impregnation process while delivering color and durability requirements. The inks deliver highly stable color performance when exposed to the high temperature and pressure of lamination processes.

Sensient has developed ink sets to fulfil all the requirements of the décor industry. HPL inks offer both high impact color and graphics, and accurately color controlled wood grain designs for ultimate flexibility. Sensient’s vast experience and expertise in digital printing and inkjet formulation always ensures a reliable solution.


ElvaJet HPL is a series of inks developed for digital printing on decor papers. The ink is optimized for the lamination process and is suitable for decorating flooring, furniture and object materials.

Each printhead, system and application should be tested and verified to optimize performance.

How to use

Printing & Application

ElvaJet HPL has been tested on the most frequently used printers, but Sensient will support users in checking the inks’ suitability for individual machines and models.

ElvaJet HPL inks are tested on many decor papers (Technocell premium, Technocell standard, Coldenhove D2000, Coldenhove D1500, coated and uncoated gravure papers from different suppliers with different thickness) and fulfil all application requirements (rub-, scratch-, light-resistance etc.).


After printing onto the selected décor paper, the ink is dried before impregnation. Full fixation and fastness properties are achieved once the lamination process has been completed.

Available for the following printheads

Recommended applications

Lamination Paper (HPL)

183SensiJet® HPL
From matching natural wood tones and details, to branding commercial properties, digital printing technology can transform the impact of laminate flooring and furnishings in homes and businesses.
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Decoration Panels

324SensiJet® HPL
Traditional printing on paneling can make short runs uneconomical – limiting design flexibility. Inkjet printing with Sensient inks can transform current processes, enabling the development of high quality, reliable and durable designs for the décor industry.
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