SensiJet® Pyrite

SensiJet Pyrite is a functional black UV curable ink for acid etch resist applications. Fixed with a conventional mercury halide UV curing lamp, Pyrite is ideal for digital relief patterning of stainless steel and other metals for digital engraving of cylinders, emboss rollers and emboss press plates. Applications such as LCDs and EMI and RFI shielding can also benefit from the use of this ink. Solutions may also be possible for dielectric insulation, offering huge benefits.

Designed for environments where accuracy is critical, SensiJet Pyrite shows outstanding printing performance and durability I am amazing. SensiJet Pyrite offers excellent adhesion when printed onto stainless steel and other metallic substrates, and superb resistance to typical acid etches.

Pyrite is tested for use in industrial piezo print heads, such as those from TTEC and Xaar.


SensiJet Pyrite is functional black UV curable ink offering excellent adhesion to stainless steel and resistance to acid etching solutions.

Pyrite is tested in a number of industrial print heads to offer maximum flexibility in production printing.

Each print head, system and application should be tested and verified to optimize performance

How to use


In an etching process, SensiJet Pyrite is printed directly onto the substrate via a print fixture or system equipped with a specified industrial print head and inline fixation. Multiple layers may be needed if a deeper etch is required. Once printed, the substrate is immersed into an acid etching solution, where the steel may be etched away leaving a relief pattern where the ink has been printed. Once the process is complete, Pyrite can be removed with caustic soda. In other applications, Pyrite is printed and fixed to the substrate in-line prior to any further processing as required


After printing, the ink should be fixed in line by conventional UV light exposure. Fixing should take place within seconds to avoid color bleed or loss of line accuracy.

Available for the following printheads

Recommended applications

Etch Resist

337SensiJet® Pyrite
Digital printing can transform expensive and highly wasteful processes where chemical etching is used. Sensient’s specialty solutions allow highly accurate placement of etch resist inks for applications including the fabrication of steel emboss plates and LCDs.
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