Xennia® Emerald

Xennia Emerald water-based pigment inks raise the bar in digital pigment printing. With outstanding color and print performance, they are optimized for increased open time and latency, ensuring your products always make a big impact.

Xennia Emerald inks maximize flexibility in processing. Applicable in both Epson and Kyocera heads, it offers consistent performance across different print equipment. Users of Emerald technology benefit from:

  • Dry processing – no steaming or washing required
  • Cross printhead compatibility
  • Increased color strength and gamut
  • Optimized open time and latency


Xennia Emerald pigment inks are suitable for printing onto cotton, cotton/polyester blends and other textile fibers. They are tested and validated for use on Kyocera and Epson printhead technologies and on most large format printers using those printheads.

How to use

Xennia Emerald has been tested on the most frequently used printers, but users should check the inks’ suitability for individual machines and models.

For optimal printing, the relative humidity rate must be kept at 55% or higher and the atmospheric temperature set to 20-25°C (70°F).


After printing, the ink should be fixed by heat at 165°C (330°F) for 150 seconds.
Fixation may differ depending on the textile type and treatment, so fixation conditions should be determined according to the fabric and application requirements.


Emerald inks are designed for optimal open time and print performance, but if ink dries in the nozzles, the normal cleaning procedure built into the printer should be applied. We recommend the use of our specific cleaning solution, Sensient Universal Flush WB.

Careful printer maintenance will ensure optimal printer running. The following operations are recommended:

  • Regular check and cleaning of the wiper (at least once a week).
  • Regular check and cleaning of the capping station (at least once a month).
  • Regular wiping of the printer head bottom with a sponge Q-tip (preferably once a week).

If you plan to leave the printer in stand-by for more than one week, purging and cleaning it with flush and installing a Parking Flush is advised.

Available for the following printheads

Recommended applications

Home textiles

180Xennia® Emerald
Sensient inks turn creativity into productivity, with solutions for all home textiles applications. By enabling personalization of your interior design with the finest details, our inks help your home textiles become works of art.
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189Xennia® Emerald
Personalize your home, work or commercial space with the finest detail in design and color. Designed with production in mind, Sensient’s range of inks allows decoration of all textile types without compromising on performance, bringing color to your life and efficiency to your process.
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Garment, roll to roll printing

323Xennia® Emerald
In high-end fashion where color and quality are key, Sensient inks ensure you stay ahead of the competition. Our outstanding products enable you to keep up with the demands of fast-fashion, delivering on short runs and rapid turnarounds with no compromise on quality.
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