Digital printing has multiple benefits in many production process, but its implementation in new applications relies on a full understanding of both the requirements and the technology itself. Today’s fast-moving production environments often necessitate bespoke solutions, either within or separate from the rest of the production line.

Thanks to our extensive expertise and experience, Sensient can help make your ideas a reality in any industrial decoration or digital manufacturing application.

With our deep understanding of ink, software and hardware, plus the impact of substrate and pre and post print requirements, we can help you harness the advantages of digital printing across a wide range of applications. Working side by side with customers and carefully-selected integration partners, you can rely on Sensient to implement a robust, tailored solution.

Our state-of-the-art inkjet laboratories house sophisticated characterisation equipment and test printing stations. Our visualisation and measurement systems fully characterise the droplet formation process, and advanced optical systems analyse printed samples to ensure optimum results.

We have all the mixing, milling, dispersion and filtration equipment needed to develop new inkjet ink formulations quickly. Once perfected, the ink production is scaled up for volume supply.

Would you like to know more? Contact us to tell us about your requirements.

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