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With a commitment to sustainable business practices, Sensient continues to set the standard for environmentally friendly printing technology.  Our new generation of digital inkjet technology delivers reductions in water, waste and energy usage while enhancing color quality, durability and precision.

  • Innovative water-based inks allow for printing directly on polyester, removing the waste from transfer paper and residual ink
  • For food applications, our vertically integrated business model means we grow our own natural and organic ingredients as part of our seed-to-shelf strategy, providing food manufacturers with quality natural colors
  • Textile manufacturers can achieve significant reductions in water usage and the need for wastewater treatment compared to conventional textile manufacturing
  • All of our raw materials are part of a detailed supply chain traceability program with robust environmental screening. By obtaining our raw materials directly from the source, transportation emissions are reduced
  • Our inks are compliant with principles of sustainable textile manufacturing with the ECO PASSPORT OEKOTEX® certification and are in line with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) program

For textile applications, switching from screen to digital printing can reduce up to 97% water and save up to 50% energy. Our portfolio of water-based inks can take environmental benefits one step further.

Not only do our products have the potential to dramatically reduce water consumption and pollution generated during processing, they also dramatically lower our customers’ energy use and related emissions.

From food to textiles, packaging to industrial, the markets we serve are under increasing pressure to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and move towards a greener and safer future. ​

​ Our understanding of the chemistry of color is driving breakthrough innovations in digital inkjet technology that reach new heights of performance, consistency and color, while meeting sustainability requirements.

Sustainable products

Xennia® Emerald

Create outstanding printed textiles with Sensient’s digital pigment ink Xennia® Emerald. Offering increased open time and latency, Xennia® Emerald delivers both color and quality without compromise. Suitable for printing on […]

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ElvaJet® Opal SB

Sensient’s low viscosity water-based digital sublimation ink, ElvaJet® Opal SB, has the potential to revolutionize your digital printing. Delivering batch-to-batch consistency, ElvaJet® Opal SB delivers consistent and intense color across […]

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ElvaJet® Opal SC

Created specifically for Kyocera, Panasonic and Konica Minolta printheads, ElvaJet® Opal SC is a medium viscosity water-based sublimation ink which transforms the possibilities of digital inkjet printing. By delivering consistent, […]

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ElvaJet® Coral

Revolutionize your digital printing process with ElvaJet® Coral, Sensient’s digital water-based sublimation ink, and achieve unrivalled visual impact while reducing water, ink and substrate usage. By printing directly on the […]

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ElvaJet® Swift

Sensient’s ElvaJet® Swift digital sublimation ink offers brands a superior digital printing experience by delivering vibrant color with maximum transfer efficiency and minimal drying time. With unrivalled transfer performance, ElvaJet® […]

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Xennia® Amethyst

Transform your creative vision into vibrant reality with Xennia® Amethyst, Sensient’s market-leading, water-based reactive dye ink. Ideal for printing on a wide range of substrates, Xennia® Amethyst has been optimized […]

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ElvaJet® SR

Optimized for paper or textiles, the ElvaJet® SR range is a series of water-based digital sublimation inks that has the potential to transform your digital printing processes. Achieve precise, vibrant […]

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SensiJet® SX

Offering superior performance on semi-porous and non-porous substrates, Sensient’s digital pigment ink, SensiJet® SX, offers a revolutionary digital printing solution with minimal environmental impact. SensiJet® SX can be applied on […]

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Xennia® Agate

Optimize your digital inkjet printing process with Xennia® Agate, Sensient’s flagship water-based acid dye ink. Achieve vibrant and precise color across a variety of substrates, from printed polyamide to natural […]

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SensiJet® FSE

Created to offer outstanding color and sharpness, while also complying with the highest levels of quality and safety regulations, SensiJet® FSE is a series of edible, water-based digital inks, designed […]

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Trust Sensient to deliver sustainable color without compromise.

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